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Gas, Water, Electrics & Telecoms Utility Contractors.

Utilities contractors for essential services.


In the past it created real difficulties to call any number of utility contractors to install gas mains, water mains suppliers and cable laying for electrical supplies.

However, things have changed. Ranns Construction pride themselves in providing multiple utility services.

Consider us as your one stop solution to prepare, install and connect the foundations for all gas, water, electric and telecoms utility services.

We believe this to be a more cost effective and efficient way to complete projects. By working in conjunction with each other we can work within your time frame and save you money.

Ranns Construction Utilities

Our expertise includes:


We are able to carry out gas mains replacement for low, medium and one off gas mains replacement. We also have the capabilities to install gas networks for new build projects and entire housing estates.

We can also carry out one off works.


Ranns Construction provide a one stop solution for the specification, design, supply and installation of electric utilities.

Our services include:
Cable laying and diversions
Upgrade, decrease and increase of supply
Project management of electric installations
Temporary and emergency supply


We can carry out water mains replacement and repairs to leaks to water services for both domestic and commercial customers. In addition, we can also supply water utility services for new builds and estates.

We can also install new sewers and carry out sewer diversions and connections,
You can call our emergency number should you have sewer blockages or a collapse.


In addition to essential utility services such as gas and water installation works we offer our clients the installation of telecoms infrastructure.

This includes the installation of duct, box and draw cords.

Company Details

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